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Welcome to the Camilleri Underslab Injection System Website

Whether you are a Home Owner, Builder or Pest Control Operator, you have come to the right place to find out more about the ultimate in total Termite Prevention and Control.


Termites are destructive!
These tiny insects are responsible for in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of building structural damage to homes throughout Australia each and every year.

According to CSIRO Statistics, one in five Homes will experience Termite infestation within the first five years of construction!

The Camilleri Underslab Injection System is an economic solution for complete termite prevention and offers what no other system can; long term proven performance.
Constructed of strong flexible polyethylene, the Camilleri System is manufactured to withstand the test of time!

It is the only TERMITE CONTROL RETICULATION SYSTEM on the market today that can boast over 25 years of successful long-term termite free installations.

Contact us for further information or to find an Accredited Installer in your area.

The Camilleri Underslab Injection System - Codemark Certified for your peace of mind!

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The Camilleri System - Still the simplest, still the best.
Why would you choose anything else?


With the Camilleri System installed prior to construction,
this dwelling (below) will be protected from termite attack
for the rest of its life.

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